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Region Five Development Commission is a regional hub for the WealthWorks approach and is committed to broadly sharing their on-the-ground experience with the WealthWorks approach and principles. WealthWorks regional hubs function as part of a learning community, committed to learning from each other and improving on this framework. Regional hubs also provide a way for interested practitioners to learn more about and connect with organizations implementing WealthWorks on the ground, and to support work at the state, regional and local levels. Regional hubs, like Region Five Development Commission can help in the following ways:

  •  organize and deliver regional training
  •  enhance peer to peer learning and sharing within a region and between states
  •  promote networking across state boundaries
  •  allow for sharing of stories, challenges, opportunities and best practices
  •  provide for support for local coordinators
  •  leverage resources


What is WealthWorks?

For more information about WealthWorks, visit For more information about how you can learn about, be trained in, or implement WeatlhWorks, contact Dawn Espe at 218-894-3233 x3 or


Additional Resources

This is the WealthWorks site, which offers a wide variety of resources, including videos, case studies, success stories, how-to’s, video game, and connections to others implementing the WealthWorks approach.


Eight Capitals of WealthWorks -


Resilient Region Quality of Place -


WealthWorks Modules -

The Aspen Institute developed a series of introductory modules designed to teach the basic framework, principles and process of WealthWorks. They are free, and can be copied and shared with friends and colleagues, reproduced at events, and adapted for your use.


WealthBuilders Game -

The Ford Foundation funded the development of a game to allow people to play with the framework and concepts behind WealthWorks. WealthBuilders is the game. It allows you to build a value chain or work with an existing value chain, making sure the stocks of wealth are maintained along the way. This game teaches a variety of concepts, including value chains, stocks and flows of wealth, and finding the right partners.


Yellow Wood Associates -

This is the repository of a great deal of information about the WealthWorks approach, including annual reports to the Ford Foundation about the Weatlh Creation in Rural Communities Initiative, and more.


Center for Rural Entrepreneurship -
The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship has been one of the leaders in WealthWorks. Their website has a variety of interesting articles and resources to consult.


Aspen Institute, Community Strategies Group.

The Community Strategies Group at the Aspen Institute has been one of the leaders in WealthWorks. Their website has links to WealthWorks Learning Modules, Success Stories and Videos.


Democracy Collaborative -

Community-Wealth is a project of The Democracy Collaborative. Their mission is to provide solid information and tools to understand and support the expansion of community wealth-building institutions. Their work tends to focus on anchor institutions and cooperatives.


USDA ERS - Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies, and Measures  

USDA Economic Research Service has been involved in the wealth creation work. This early paper presents a conceptual framework for rural wealth creation and emphasizes the importance of multiple types of assets. It also discusses the role of wealth creation in the rural development process, how wealth can be created in rural communities, and how its accumulation and effects can be measured.


WealthWorks in Practice Video Series Available

Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) and Oregon State University have released a series of four videos to support regional economic development.  WealthWorks is an approach to community-driven economic development that aligns assets around a shared set of values and goals and seeks new business opportunities in response to changing markets.  The approach intentionally builds multiple forms of wealth, local ownership, and inclusion.  The four-part WealthWorks in Practice video series includes the topics:

     • Introduction to WealthWorks

    • Selecting a Sector & Defining a Market Opportunity

    • Mapping & Analyzing a Value Chain

    • Analyzing Market Demand

 Find the videos online here.