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The Region Five Development Commission has a planning assistance contract with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) to provide assistance, information and technical support for transportation issues affecting the region. Region Five has a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) that meets 4 times a year to address various transportation issues. The TAC also prioritizes all transportation projects submitted in Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena Counties proposed to use federal transportation funding through the Area Transportation Partnership (ATP)

A listing of the TAC members can be found here.

Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP)

Region Five is part of Mn/DOT District 3 Area Transportation Partnerships. The ATP is a committee of elected officials, city and county engineers, Mn/DOT staff, tribal leaders, public transit leaders representing areas contiguous with Mn/DOT District boundaries. Their role is to develop policy and program projects utilizing federal funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

The Region Five Development Commission and Region Five Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) each appoint 1 member to the ATP. RDC Staff serve as technical advisors to the ATP.

Region Five occasionally is involved with special projects at the local or statewide level. Some projects are developed and coordinated by the RDC due to a local request or contract other projects may include the RDC in various capacities.


Region 5 TAC ATP Membership Primer

For more information on Transportation, contact Tad Erickson or 218-894-3233 x 7

Cass Lake-Bena Safe Routes to School Success Story

Local Human Service Transit Coordination Plan (LHSTCP)




Bicycle and Car Sharing: Alternate Transportation for Region 5


The Central Minnesota Sustainable Development Plan outlines the themes, issues, goals, and recommendations/actions to achieve sustainable development in Region Five. This memo focuses on the Infrastructure- Transportation Actions Steps outlined in the plan. Specifically, it addresses Recommendations T6 (increasing alternative transportation) and T8 (planning multimodal transportation options) by looking at bike sharing and car sharing as potential transportation alternatives for the region.



A portion of the transportation work includes a program called Safe Routes to SchoolMinnesota Safe Routes to School combines the expertise of multiple state agencies together with national and local partners to provide parent, school and community groups with the resources needed to support walking and biking to school. This statewide effort promotes the development of comprehensive local SRTS programs that cover all 5Es — education, encouragement, enforcement, engineering, and evaluation. Our students will gain lifelong healthy habits and improved academic performance through physical activity; our schools become safer with reduced traffic and improved air quality; and our communities become better places to live, learn, work and play.

To learn more about Minnesota Safe Routes to School, click here.


To view a sample of the work we do, click on this link to the Little Falls Safe Routes to School plan which was completed in 2015.